Краткое резюме турнира от Геббена Майлса:
The 2018 World Compak was held at a very cool range called Tiro a volo San Martino TOP Rio Salso. It’s about 2 hours south east of Bologna, Italy
I was extremely impressed at the level of shooting by so many European shooters. 19 year old Matthieu Zeude became the new World Compak Champion with a 198! These targets were not as easy as the scores may lead one to think. There was a 5 way shoot-off at 197 for RU between one of the top double trap shooters in the world Davide Gasparini, seasoned fitasc shooter Joaquim Luis, up and coming star James Atwood, 16 year old @cristian.camporese and myself. There were 28 people who had a score of at least 193 or better which is higher than a 24 average per layout… unbelievable how good Europeans are at Compak.
With over 300 people watching the shoot off it was one of the most intense shoot-offs I’ve ever been a part of. Extremely difficult targets set by the FITASC committee. After it was said and done Cristian shot 21 to finish 3rd overall and I shot 24 to snag the silver medal. @martinamaruzzo93 won lady and Beatriz Lapara finished RU in the lady shoot off.
This was one of the most entertaining and exciting events I’ve ever attended. With nearly 700 competitors, there were also over 2000 people in attendance for the opening ceremonies. This created quite a buzz around the range during competition that was similar to our NSCA National Championship. One of the cool things about Compak which is similar to 5stand, is it’s very spectator friendly. It’s a game where there are so many high level shooters in Europe who could compete with our top US shooters on anything inside of 40 yards. The targets were not easy but they were all very visible and a very good mix of trajectories!
Краткое резюме от наблюдателя со стороны:
1. Да здравствует новый Король из Франции, 19 летний юниор — Matthieu Zeude. 
2. Виктор Николаев — лучший в России и 10 в мире. После Европы и мира это можно говорить однозначно. Отличные и выступления.
3. В первых 50-ти — четверо россиян: Виктор Николаев, Дмитрий Моргун, Евгений Платонов и Александр Белов. 190 и выше попали Константин Леликов и Виктор Худобин — поздавляем.
4. У нас 3 новых мастера спорта: Евгений Платонов, Алексей Умнов и Дмитрий Толченов. Молодцы.
5. Женская команда России — Чемпионки мира: Инна Александрова, Полываная Татьяна, Мубаракшина Айгуль. Уже традиционно, почти…
6. В первых 11 женщин — 4 россиянки: 
Инна Александрова, Полываная Татьяна, Моргун Мария, Мубаракшина Айгуль.